Flawless Fit Face Mask : Small - JOVILLA WHITE

Flawless Fit Face Mask : Small

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Lightweight two layer mask in a pleated design that expands and easily conforms to the face. 


Super soft elastic ear loops for all day comfort.

Reversible design offers two mask looks in one. *Mask should always be washed after wear before reversing. One look for today, one for another day!

100% Cotton, two layers

  • Small 6.5" wide x 4.5" high Small fits little faces (approx. 3-6 yrs.).
  • Care instructions: Wash before use and after wearing each time. Machine wash, dry on warm or low, or air dry. Iron to reshape if needed. *Do not iron elastic.*
  • This product is not PPE. This product is sold as an accessory to be used at your own discretion. No claims whatsoever are made in the use of this product, and no liability assumed by maker whatsoever.