Hi, I'm Tamara, Owner and Designer at Jovilla White. Thanks for visiting! 

My vision is to create products for your life and home that inspire you to be intentional with what you purchase. Jovilla White goods are meant to be both beautiful and purposeful. Hopefully they remind you to savor each moment and bring a sense of warmth knowing each item was thoughtfully made by hand for you to love, use and reuse. 

My long term goal is to teach sewing and to help aspiring entrepreneurs open their own business. I am passionate about promoting the amazing art of sewing as a true career opportunity. I hope to inspire others to pursue what keeps them dreaming. 

Lastly, in an effort to create the least amount of waste possible, Jovilla White takes on a “use it up” approach with materials. Products may have slight variations in design, construction and materials due to what’s available to use up. The smallest scraps are saved to be created into something bigger. While I strive to offer you a cohesive style and selection, I hope you appreciate the individuality resulting from my approach to waste reduction.

Happy shopping!