Our Process

All Jovilla White products are original designs, concepted and created right here in the studio by me. My ideas usually come when I notice a need for a product, in my own life or in observation of people or events in the world. 

The ideas get noted in a rough sketch in my sketchbook. Some I work on right away and others linger in the sketchbook for years.

Choosing fabric, including the color, print and feel further develops the product's design and personality.

Then the stage of prototyping begins...it's rare to make a perfect sample the first time. Pattern work, sketching, stitching trials, additional material needs and new ideas are all part of the process. Trial and error, failures, discoveries and lots of learning happen here.

Once a design is complete, final samples get tested, if needed, by me, friends, family, and put out into the world for feedback and begin to sell.

There's always room for improvement in my mind, so sometimes products are modified, based on testing or consumer feedback.